Thermal insulating ceramic coating

What's that?

ICE PAINT© is a paint with high thermal power that provides protection for metal structures and industrial buildings, regulates humidity, offers high resistance to atmospheric pollution, such as dust clouds and the ozone layer, does not release vapours or solvents, offers resistance to ultraviolet rays and climatic variations, reflects the sun's rays, offers strong colour resistance, is flexible and regulates temperature.


Technological innovation at the service of the industry and today for safety in the railway sector. ICE PAINT© is a product that considerably reduces the phenomenon of rail expansion and deflection thanks to its acrylic and ceramic composition that is resistant to very high temperatures due to the climate, and durable while preserving the environment. Preserves from the cold, thanks to its thermo-insulating power.

Our work on the track is the result of several years of close collaboration with rail professionals, mechanical and technical engineering offices, as well as several partners whom we would like to thank for the research work carried out over the last few months.

Our convoy named - FLORA01 - is composed of 3 wagons, it will be able to treat the tracks while applying the ICE PAINT© coating. It will be able to move easily, while complying with the regulations and safety standards issued by the Swiss Federal Office of Transport.

Our goal is to preserve the safety of passengers while respecting the environment in the long term.

Graph of temperature difference between treated and untreated rail


Rail treated with ICE PAINT solution


Untreated reference rail